Actives vs Passives


1.- My mother eats a cheese and ham sandwich.

      A cheese and ham sandwich is eaten by my mother.


2.- My mother is eating a sandwich.

     A sandwich is being eaten by my mother.


3.- My mother ate a sandwich.

     A sandwich was eaten by my mother.




4.- My mother was eating a sandwich.

     A sandwich was being eaten by my mother.


5.- My mother has eaten a sandwich.

    A sandwich has been eaten by my mother.


6.- My mother will eat a sandwich.


    A sandwich will be eaten by my mother.



  1. Who was … written by?
  2. Who was … directed by?
  3. Which film was awarded the Oscar for best picture in …?
  4. Who was … played by in the movie …?
  5. Who was … composed by?
  6. Who was … sung by?
  7. Who was … painted by?
  8. This will generate lots of examples of the past passive.
  9. Geography Quiz or History Quiz
  10. Where is … grown/cultivated/harvested?
  11. What country is surrounded by …?
  12. Where is … made?
  13. Who was … discovered by?
  14. In which country was … invented?
  15. When was … invented?

Five bizarre things
Ask students to think of five bizarre facts about the town they live or a place they know (they could do this for homework). These could be strange historical facts, legends about local people, scary stories … Prepare five yourself about a place that you know to give them an example. Ask them to write out each fact, but starting with one of the following constructions:

  • It is believed that …
  • It is said that …
  • It is claimed that …