Both - neither of - All - None of

1.- He is eating all of the ice lollies now.

6 of 6


2.- All the lollies in his mouth are from different flavours.

4 of 4

  1. Both of them (2 of  2) are sitting on a chair.
  2. Both of them are children.


  1. Neither of them (0 of they 2) are adults.
  2. Neither of them are reading a book.

1.- None of the lollies in his mouth are melting (0 of 4).


2. None of the lollies are ice cream cones. (0 of 6)

1st Let's Introduce the basic and more common determiners used in Primary Education:


4 Types of Determiners:


1st group.- Articles: a, an, the


2nd group.- Possessives: my, your, their ...


3rd group.- Quantifiers:     Specific: one, four, ten ...

                                               General: some, many


4th group.- Demonstratives:    Closer by: This / These

                                                       Further away: That / Those


Both ice creams are delicious.

Both dogs are black.


Both of the ice creams in the fridge are expired.

Both of my dogs are black.


- Which ice cream do you prefer?

* Neither! I got a cold and I'm still recovering from it.

* Neither of them! I don't like those flavours, sorry.


- Which T-shirt do you fancy?

* Either! Both are lovely!

* Either of them are super trendy!





She couldn't eat either of the cakes because she's allergic to carrots and almonds.


She ate neither of the cakes because she's allergic to carrots and almonds.


Either chocolate or cream cakes are very tasty.


Neither chocolate nor cream cakes are very tasty today.