Phrasal Verbs = Verb + Preposition


Calculate : Work Out                         Discover: Find Out                   Organise: Set Up                      Search For: Look For

Complete: Fill Out                              Mean: Stand for                       Remove: Take Away




* I have been looking for my keys everywhere but I cannot find them out.

* You should fill out the form and log in for completing your online registration. Remember always to log out once you finish.

* Did you switch on the light? Could you please switch it off. We don't need it!

* What does UFO stand for? - That's easy. It means Unidentified Flying Object.

* Tonight I'm a bit lazy, maybe we could take some pizzas away.

* The exam is going to start, remember to take all your items away.

* We should work out this problem. We must find out a quick solution.

* It's getting dark very fast. We must set up the tent immediately.

* CEIP Punta de n'Amer was set up in 1990. 




* Remember to get back all your items before you leave the bus!

* This has been a very long journey, I cannot wait to get back.

* Keep on working like this and never give up!

* Grow up, you seem an 8 year-old child!

* Smoking is a very bad habit, I would give it up asap!

* I'll recommend you to go to bed early. Tomorrow we'll set out at five o'clock in the morning.

* We are always doing the same things, maybe we should take up new hobbies.


Book in                                                 Calm down

Check in                                               Check out

Clean up                                               Come from

Figure out                                            Go ahead

Grow up                                               Hand in : Submit : Accept

Hang on = Hold on = Wait for a moment


Hold on                                                 Keep on : Continue

Look after : Take care for a person

Log in : Sign in of a a website

Log out: Sign out of a website

Look Into: Investigate

Look Out = Watch out = Mind out


Sit down                                               Stand up

Take care                                             Write down : Copy down

Pass away: Die                                     Run Away: Escape

Sleep Over: Sleep away from home


Switch on / off                                     Take off: Start to fly

Wake up: Stop sleeping