Past Simple vs Past Continuous

Practise a bit more:

Watch these videos, concentrate yourself and think on the logical pattern to follow!

interrupted past


1.- I was having a shower when the telephone rang.

      While I was having a shower, the telephone rang.


2.- My mother was reading a book when someone knocked the door.

     While my mother was reading a book, someone knocked the door.


3.- Your friends were fishing when a white shark appeared.

     While your friends were fishing, a white shark appeared.


Present Perfect vs Past Simple

6th Grade Sentences: Present Perfect using: Since / For - Yet / Already


1.- She hasn't played in the football match yet. She plays in 5 minutes.

      You haven't played football yet.

     They haven't eaten a pizza yet.

     She hasn't flown around the world yet.

     I haven't finished my exam yet.

     I haven't played tennis yet.

     I haven't eaten dinner yet.

     I haven't eaten a burger yet.

     I haven't read a book yet.


2.- I have played basketball for 5 years. I started in 2011 till now, 2016

      He hasn't played basketball for 7 years.

      She hasn't danced for 7 years.

      She has read a book for 2 hours.

      I haven't played football for 1 year.

      I have made a cheese cake for my friend.

      He hasn't played football for nine years.

      I have got this pencilcase for three years.

      We have been to Asturias for 6 days.


3.- My mother has born since 1979 (this is not right) - My mother was born in 1979.

      She has lived in Sa Coma since 1979. She arrived to Sa Coma in 1979 and she moved there.

      We have danced since  we were three or since we were three years old.

      We haven't learnt English since 2015.

      I have been doing gymnastics since I was 4 years old.

      I have lived in Sa Coma since 2014.

      I've been living in Sa Coma since 2005.

      She has lived in Galicia since 2000.

      She has lived in London since 2004.

      He hasn't lived in Sa Coma since 2014.


4.- I have already made a cake. It's finished.

      We have already hunt a Pikachu.

      I have already done my homework.

      I have already finished my exam.

      He has already written a book.

      I have already finished my homework.

      I have already been to Galicia.

      I have already read a book.

      I have already seen a Pikachu.

      I have already been to New York.